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Ten of the Fastest Production Cars to Ever Lap the Nürburgring

All with video to back them up, these are some of the quickest production cars to ever lap Germany's most famous, difficult track.

Ten of the Fastest American Cars to Ever Lap the Nurburgring

All video-verified, here are 10 of the fastest U.S. cars to lap the 'Ring.

This Fiat 850 Can Rev to 11,000 RPM Thanks to a Kawasaki Ninja Motor Swap

Bike engines and small cars go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This Integra Type R Race Car Is Back to 8400 RPM After 17 Years of Retirement

After a restoration, this championship-winning RealTime Racing Type R is finally back at the track.

One of the Most Controversial F1 Crashes Ever Happened on This Day in 1989

Senna needed to win at Suzuka to keep his championship hopes alive. It all went down the drain on lap 46.

MTV Unplugged: Nirvana
IMSA Race Team Owner Also Owns Kurt Cobain's MTV "Unplugged" Cardigan
Forty7 Motorsports owner Garrett Kletjian is selling the famous green cardigan at auction this week. It'll cost as much as a prototype …
The Corvette C5.R Race Car Makes a Brutal V-8 Noise

V-8s don't get any better than this.

MG's Group B Hatchback Makes an Exhilarating V-6 Sound

Cosworth sure knows how to make race engines.

Watch Ken Block's Escort Cosworth Tear Up an Italian Rally

Ken Block's world tour stops in San Marino for the Rally Legends event, and his Cossie doesn't disappoint.

Mark Donohue - 1975 Talladega WCC Record
When Mark Donohue Set a World Record at Talladega in a Porsche 917

And why his 221.16-mph lap speed will probably never be topped.

Listen to This Audi Quattro Go Wild During a Stage Rally

We'll never get tired of anti-lag.

It Feels Like Jaguar's Making a Point With Its I-Pace Ring Taxi

An electric car doing high-speed laps at the Nurburgring? What a strange coincidence ...

Listen to the V-12 Screech of Jaguar's 1987 Group C Car

The XJR-8 packs 720 horsepower and a whole lot of noise.

This Porsche 911 RSR Running at Talladega Makes Us Wish for an Oval IMSA Race

It's not every day you get to hear a racing flat-six at Talladega.

Red Bull Racing Show Run
Formula 1 May Hold a Race at the Miami Dolphins Stadium In 2021

After aborting an attempt to hold a Miami street race, F1 is aiming to race at Hard Rock Stadium.

This 350Z Makes 600 Naturally Aspirated Horsepower And Sounds Wonderful

It also has a 200-horsepower electric motor attached to its drivetrain.

Mazda Motorsports Boss John Doonan Is IMSA's New President

Doonan takes over for Scott Atherton, who served as president since IMSA was revived in 2014.

Watch a Lamborghini Huracan Take a Championship Win On Fire

This is one of the wildest race finishes we've seen this year.

F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Qualifying
The Super Aguri F1 Team Might Be Gone, But Its Car Sounds Better Than Ever

Even if it's not using its original engine.